Why work for MRS?

8Q7A0821-MRS-0975Our employees can tell you exactly what they do and why they love doing it for M.R.S. Machining. Read the following employee testimonials; we’re always looking for motivated people for employment, so visit our careers page for more information.  

I’ve always told myself that if I ever have to force myself out of bed to come to work and not enjoy it when I get there it’s time to look elsewhere and I can honestly say that has never happened in 14 years.

~ Byron King, Quality Assurance Manager

My experience here at M.R.S. has really been interesting the last 10 1/2 years. I have seen a company grow from about 8-10 employees to around 40 currently. From two axis machines to multi tasking machines, and from making parts with a tolerance of +/- .005 to +/-.0002, I have also seen every single procedure developed every manual written, every CNC machine brought through the front door and just about every employee hired. It’s a good feeling to come to work and you know for a fact that the owners of this company are going to come around and tell you good morning and chit chat for awhile. I’ve always told myself that if I ever have to force my self out of bed to come to work and not enjoy it when I get there its time to start looking else where and I can honestly say that has never happened in 10 1/2 years. It has been very satisfying to know that I have been apart of all M.R.S. Machining accomplishments.

~ Byron King,  1st Shift

M.R.S. is the best job I’ve ever had! The work environment at M.R.S. is always improving. Every employee is challenged, yet every effort is made to guide new employees to succeed. An educational program is set up to develop the knowledge and skills of new employees. The atmosphere is also very friendly and team oriented. These are only a few reasons why I take pride in being an M.R.S. machinist.

~ Joe Boone,  1st Shift

Come join our team. Over 50 positive and motivated people, many working here over 10 or 15 years, can't be wrong!

M.R.S. Machining Company Photo

Industries Served

Here are a few examples of market segments serviced by MRS Machining:

  • Agriculture
  • Food processing
  • Dairy
  • Automotive
  • Trucks
  • Off-road equipment
  • Rail
  • Recreation
  • Medical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Hydraulics
  • Valves

Machine Capabilities

  • Multitasking - 5-axis Turn/Mill
    • Diameter to 30"
    • Length to 40"
  • Turning - 2 to 4 axis
    • Diameter to 35"
    • Length to 80"
    • Large steady rests
    • Live tooling
  • Vertical Machining Centers
    • 3 and 4 axis
    • 60" x 27" x/y travels
  • Horizontal Machining Center
    • 30" cube travels
    • 500 mm pallet - 1° index

Done In One

Planning for success - That's how we ensure you of receiving the best value possible.

To that end, we carefully plan the process for every part we manufacture based on the design, quantity, material, and our specialized capabilities. We strive to minimize setups to reduce handling. In this way, we can improve delivery, reduce your cost, and provide you with a more accurate part.

M.R.S. Machining is...

M.R.S. Machining provides precision machining services to the oil & gas, aerospace, energy, medical, food service, and industrial products industries throughout the U.S.A. Equipped with the very latest in turning, milling, and multi-tasking machining technology, we provide a wide range of services including value-adds like assembly, tag and bag, and surface finishing. A women-owned small business since 1986, we have built our business on relationships and family values.

Let us introduce you to the value of precision.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce the highest quality parts utilizing the finest equipment.

We are dedicated and will strive to satisfy every customer through enthusiastic effort, friendly service and teamwork. The employees are the source of our strength and the key to the successful fulfillment of our mission.

Multitasking Turn/Mill

Some of our most efficient machines combine milling and turning capabilities with additional controlled axes. This impressive capability allows us to perform most or all of the required operations in one setup. The result is more accurate parts in less time.

Continuous Improvement

M.R.S. Machining is committed to continuous improvement in our equipment, people, and facilities. Our equipment list, for example, is listed in order of acquisition. We work with local high schools and CVTC, Chippewa Valley Technical College to improve their skilled trades programs. Ongoing education is another aspect of our in-house training to nurture our workers' skills.